Who is Capt. Ryan Longer?

I am a seasoned and skilled hunter and tracker who places a very high emphasis on morals and values, and I believe in honesty and integrity above all else. In addition, I am also a full custody father, and am very family oriented. I left an extremely rewarding career with the fire department to raise my daughter full-time and ensure that she has a good life, and to pursue my passion: hunting and fishing. I have spent countless hours in the field, perfecting scouting techniques and locating the highest quality game for you to hunt.

With access to over 3 million acres in Africa, 700,000 acres in Texas and Mexico, and that's just the start. We really do book all over the world! Hunting trips from New Zealand to Argentina and fishing trips in the Amazon, Alaska, and Canada; if you can hunt and harvest it, Longer's Outdoors can take you to it!